Beyond Experience Bundaries (1/2)

Yo everyone,

It has been almost a month since I have last posted anything on WordPress, and now it is time to change it. My first blog post is focused on the largest company within the Hotel industry, and whether they are able to provide a great customer experience despite being so big. Now, on the other hand, I would like to more focus on the individual’s experience in two different ways. Therefore, this post will be separated into two.

In this one, I will dig further to the unique hotels as regards their Architecture & Design. With the second one, I would like to review hotels with unique approach to guests, which differentiates them from the others. Well, let us get started.

1) Tree House Hotel, Sweden

The first example I have chosen for representing the unique experience is “Tree House Hotel” in Sweden. [1] Their main value lies within relaxing your mind and body, yet to spend time in a familiar environment. It is located in Harads, almost on the other end of Sweden from the capital city Stockholm. What caught my attention was the fact that their concept was inspired by, rather unknown, “The Tree Lover” movie, and it developed into high-standard accommodation in a harmonious place.

What is even more interesting is that even the “Tree-rooms” are not all the same. They are around 4-6 meters above ground, and are eco-friendly, which is the latest trend along with technology in Hotel industry. You can choose among overall 7 great Scandinavian concepts, all of them being completely different from each other from experience’s point of view, yet still eco-friendly and in deep connection with mother nature itself.

Hotel concept.PNG
7 Concepts of Tree Rooms

The hotel claims that the experience is unforgettable, which I could truly believe in. In addition, they combine the offer with both summer and winter activities for active people, but at the same time they say that many guests choose to simply enjoy the serenity.

2) Magic Mountain Lodge, Chile

Another interesting concept of lodging can be seen in Chile, so called “Magic Mountain Lodge“. [2] It is located in the middle of the Chilean Patagonian Rainforest, whose aim is to conserve the nature and local culture. Beside the accommodation, which is probably the experience by itself, they can also pack your journey with discovering the surrounding nature. It may be connected with outdoor activities, cultural tours, nature conservation and more of course. Seems interesting, does not it?

Montana Magica Lodge

The accommodation is also build for everyone’s tastes, at least for most of the people’s tastes. You can book a Montana Magica Lodge (picture above), which probably may seem like a building from some kind of fairy tale, however it is for real. Among others you can also encounter several other types, e.g. Forest Cabins,  Canopy Village or Huilo Huilo Camping, each of them providing special kind of service and experience to its guests.

3) Hotel de Glance, Canada

My third and last example of one’s unique experience is “Hotel de Glance,” a.k.a. Ice Hotel, located in Quebec, Canada. [3] The hotel opened in 2001 on New Year’s Day. The most interesting thing is that the hotel is actually being build every single year with new design and new ideas. They have even decided to change the location of hotel, so they did so. Is not that great? Who could have thought of moving of a hotel…

Ice Hotel 2016

Now in 2017, the hotel opened its gates on 4. January and closes on 26. March 2017. Of course, as per tradition, it has been completely redesigned from the previous one build in 2016. The theme is set as “The Northern Perspectives,” which should represent the beauties and mysteries of the North Pole. What is really great added value for potential guest is, that you can visualize the hotel before you decide to go there. It uses today’s standard 360° technology, so you can review the hotel from all aspects. [4]

The view is indeed breath-taking, you can feel like you are in another fairy tail, everything being build from ice and metal frames, just like you were in some “Ice world“.


There are a lot of types of hotels, many of them offer great and unique experience which you would probably not encounter in everyday life. Just undergoing them means you will have something you never forget.

Now, I will take my leave, and be sure to continue with next part of this blog afterwards.

Thank you for your attention!

Filip Hoang, Dania Academy of Higher Education




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