Beyond Experience Bundaries (2/2)

Hi there!

So, as promised, I am here with another post. The ending of my last post was kind of rushed, so before I jump to the second topic of this post, I would like to add something to the first one.


In the previous post I have chosen 3 unique hotels, which I personally find very appealing and unique, each in its own way. Some may agree, some may disagree, but after all is depends a lot on one’s personal preferences. As goes for me, I am pretty much sure that one day I will book myself a room in the Ice hotel or Tree House Hotel, because it simply indicates how I do enjoy my life. Of course, on the other hand, it does not say a thing about the quality of their services, so again, only basing my “TOP 3” on my visual tastes and preference, not to mention that there are tons of different kinds of experiences and hotels you may get – from Igloos or underground inns to ice, prison or wild experience.

However, what if we were talking about the actual experience, which can be spoiled even in such a visually beautiful hotel? Well, in those cases we all would probably be dependent on several review portals like “;;;,” etc. Based on the review on these sites the hotel may or may not get a booking from a potential customer, even though the review may not be all based on the actual truth.

What am I trying to say? Guest’s experience is important, and service is a part of it. It is then up to every hotel how they will manage to impress (or not). I have decided to pick a few examples of hotels, where the unique service is what you get and which piqued my interest. Let us get started…

1)  Wanna get a perfect night?

First one, which have caught my attention is The Benjamin Hotel providing so called “Rest & Renew program[1]. During your stay, they will offer you “Top 10 Pillow Selection,” for which you can even find a menu on the bedside of each room. Sounds kind of crazy, does not it? Well, that is not all though. You can also demand a meditation, have a non-stop asistence of “Sleep team,” buy a sleep masks or choose some “Sleep package” from the menu.

So, would you like to sleep like a king / queen? ^^


The Benjamin Hotel’s R&R Menu



2) Bentley Experience? Why not?

Another interesting concept is being used in The St. Regis Hotel New York, a service called “St. Regis Bentley.” As you may assume, you will get a Bentley to play with [2]. Well, not exactly, but if you would like to move within 10 block radius of the hotel, they will provide you with a chauffeur and this beautiful car, all free of charge. That is an interesting offer, huh?


St. Regis Hotel’s Bentley Experience



3) Back with Benjamin Hotel – goodDOG Care

As the title says, we are back to the The Benjamin Hotel. I am a lover of dogs, and therefore this is something I have to mention: “goodDOG BY BENJAMIN[3]. It is a service where you beloved dog is treated like a real guest, to receive the same treat as their masters do. What is in the offer then?

First important thing is that it is for dogs of every size, which is great considering how many complications may arrive for owners of bigger breeds. At arrival, your dog gets some treats, toys and hygiene products, along with water bowl, paw wipes and a roll of plastic bags for walks. He or she even gets a bed for use during their stay! Not to mention that the “Pet mini-bar” is available with some treats.


The Benjamin Hotel “goodDOG” Program



A lot of people may seem this third one as a non-sense, however for dog owners, especially for those of bigger breeds, is hard to even find a pet-friendly hotel that could Add to dictionary their companion while treating them with care at the same time.

What of it?

To sum it up, there are a lot of hotels out there, and now we are in the era where not only quality service is necessary, but the additional guest’s experience is needed. Every, or at least most of the hotels, have taken path which would differentiate them from each other.

This differentiation may have countless forms, from unique hotel design, service, technology, personnel’s approach, hotel’s policies, etc. But since we are still talking about The Experience economy, the main focus within this topic is experience itself. That will decide who’s successful and who has lost the game.

I hope I have not repeated myself a lot.

Wish you a wonderful day!

Filip Hoang, Dania Academy of Higher Education







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