Hi there!

I think it’s time to introduce myself a bit at least, so let’s get going.

My name is Filip Hoang, the country of origin is The Czech Republic and I have found myself studying in Denmark, somehow. I am currently enrolled at Dania Academy of Higher Education, Tourism and Hospitality Management AP Degree. I have chose to focus on Hotel & Restaurant Management, so here I am, literally.

Why so? The purpose of this blog is to post several articles about the topics we were given by our lecturer for a subject called “Speciality,” where we focus ourselves on our respective field of study, in my case those are Hotels & Restaurants. But even though it’s necessary, I rather enjoy it, so I take it with ease. 🙂

Beside school, I am not doing any fancy big things. I am rather just the ordinary student, and I enjoy simple things. From the bottom of my heart, I love dogs, so whether I try to help out shelters, training centers, etc. Unfortunately, haven’t been successful in finding one here, but I’m confident I’ll find one once I pay it more attention.

Beside that, I love skying, running, hanging out with friends, spending time in quiet places like libraries, etc. There’s also another hobby I have, and that helping the others.

I have been working for video game developer Bigpoint, which is widely known in Europe and the USA for its online games. Last more than 4 years I have spent there working as a Payment and Technical Customer Support, and encountered so many types of people that sometimes one thinks that nothing can surprise you, yet there’s always someone or something you just simply wouldn’t have expected. But in general it is a great experience and I am very grateful to be provided with the opportunity to experience customer service management, a how does it actually works.

Well, that conducts my intro here.

I’m still kinda beginner, so please bear with me! ^^

Filip Hoang